Server Service


Delivery Time Price
Chimera Tool Credits 1-5 Miniutes USD0.14USD
Chimera Tool Pro (Username/Authenticatior) 1-5 Miniutes USD162.5USD

GsmServer Products

Delivery Time Price
Octoplus Huawei Tool Activation 0-5 Instant USD93.6USD
Octoplus LG Lite to Full Upgrade 1-10 Minute USD55.9USD
Octopus Box Credits For Exiting Users (Instant) 1-10 Miniutes USD0.14USD
Octopus Box Credits For New Users (Instant) 1-10 Miniutes USD0.14USD
Octopus Box Medusa LG Activation 1-5 Minute USD80.6USD
Octopus Medusa Box Samsung Activation 1-5 Minute USD74.1USD


Delivery Time Price
SamKey Samsung Credit to existing user 1-5 Miniutes USD1.82USD
SamKey Samsung New Account Any Quantity 1-5 Miniutes USD1.82USD
SamKey TMO Account 10 Credit (Instant) 1-5 Miniutes USD19.5USD
SamKey TMO Account 100 Credit (Instant) 1-5 Miniutes USD156USD
SamKey TMO Account 20 Credit (Instant) 1-5 Miniutes USD36.4USD
SamKey TMO Account 40 Credit (Instant) 1-5 Miniutes USD67.6USD

Z3X Services

Delivery Time Price
Z3x Credits Pack 30 Pack 1-5 Miniutes USD42.9USD
Z3x Credits Pack 50 Pack 1-5 Miniutes USD71.5USD
Z3X LG Tool Activation 1-5 Minute USD71.5USD
Z3x Refill Credits 1-5 Miniutes USD1.43USD
Z3x Sam Tool Activation 1-10 Minute USD72.8USD
Z3X Samsung Pro Update 1-5 Minute USD71.5USD
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